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Instituto Superior Técnico

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Instituto Superior Técnico

  Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest school of engineering in Portugal, with long tradition in teaching, and excellence in research, innovation and training activities. Its mission is to contribute for the development of the science, economy and society by promoting a higher degree of education in the areas of Science, Engineering and Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels and by delivering highly qualified professionals in the public and private sector, strengthening the National and European R&D effort. IST consists of ten Departments and one Autonomous Section that are responsible for teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes. Today IST has about 8500 undergraduate students and over 1500 graduate students in different areas of studies. The faculty of IST includes over 700 Professors with Ph.D. in different areas of specialization. The scientific activities are developed in research institutes, some of them of excellence, in which working groups develop research in specific subjects within its scientific area, such as the Centre for Biological and Chemical Engineering (CEBQ). This R&D unit in Life Sciences and Engineering aiming at high standards in education and research on advanced biological sciences, biotechnology and chemical engineering for the industrial, health and environmental sectors.
    Role in project

Project coordinator, expertise in polymer application in compounds, is leader in the tasks related to pre-selection of biocides and its fixation in the polymers, as well as in the lab research and tests to validate the reliability of coating. It is also the partner leader of dissemination activities and exploitation.