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National Technical University of Athens

  National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of engineering. It is divided into 9 academic Schools, covering all major engineering specializations, as well as engineering science. The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is the only provider of university level education in maritime and offshore engineering in Greece. With an academic staff of 27, the Department is currently one of the largest and most active in Europe. It has been involved in European collaborative research for several years and it is proud of having a success record that classifies it among the most successful university schools in European funded research. The Division of Marine Structures Design in combination with NTUA’s Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory (STL) is involved in various research activities. These include the materials science and technology, conventional and non-conventional manufacturing processes and surface treatments, welding technology, metallurgical characterization of welded and treated materials, corrosion and wear behavior of engineered surfaces, non-destructive testing and thermo-mechanical modeling using finite element.
    Role in project

The research team of the NTUA’s Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory will participate in of FOUL-X-SPEL project, concerning: performance tests in corrosive environments, determination of corrosion resistance and corrosion rate by electrochemical techniques, real time tests in real conditions in the combined with laboratory tests and exploitation and dissemination