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Instituto Superior Técnico

Estaleiros navais de Peniche, S. A.


Fundación Tekniker

University of Strathclyde


Carnival Corporation

Lloyd's Register

National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton

National Technical University of Athens



  Hempel is a worldwide leading supplier of paint and coating related products and services. The first Hempel factory opened in 1915 in Denmark. Hempel has since grown to become a world-wide enterprise comprising 2 main and 5 regional R&D facilities, 20 manufacturing plants, 47 sales offices and more than 130 stock points strategically located around world. Hempel has always been dedicated to creating paint and coating solutions to satisfy our wide range of the customer's every need. The result is a diverse product range from professional protective and container coatings over marine and yacht to decorative and house paints. At Hempel’s R&D facilities, experts from different branches work together to ensure, the Company continuously offers the best-in-market products.
    Role in project

As one of the leading players in the Fouling Control market, Hempel will have a key role in the formulation, testing and potentially also marketing of any potential technology resulting from this project. HEMPEL have created a very clear technology road map within this field, and we will be pursuing to accomplish some of those technological routes together with other partners in this project.