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Fundación Tekniker

  Fundación Tekniker is a nonprofit Institution with 256 researchers with the aim to develop technologies and transfer to the companies. In this project the Manufacturing process department is involved including the Coating (sol gel, physical vapour deposition, laser cladding, plasma electroxidation…), development the tribological, corrosion, mechanical and environmental properties laboratory. This laboratory has a huge experience in participating (> 50) and sometimes coordinating EU Projects (> 5), and has participated in the COST 516 Tribology Action, COST 532 Tribotechnology, in COST Tribocorrosion group, and created the Virtual Tribological Institute, and actually is participating in the E-SURF Eureka Umbrella about surface treatments. TEKNIKER has a huge experience in carrying out Lifecycle Environmental Assessment (LCA) and biodegradability and toxicity tests and participated in the Definition of the criteria of the European lubricant Ecolabel. TEKNIKER is participating in the edition of 2 books, one related to Tribology and another related to Tribocorrosion and is collaborating in the generation of a new standard about tribocorrosion.
    Role in project

in this project TEKNIKER plan to assess a new type of antibiofouling coatings based on sol-gel technologies, and adapt and apply advanced characterization methodologies to evaluate antifouling coatings, taking into account adherence, abrasion, erosion resistance, mechanical properties, drag friction, biodegradability, toxicity, wettability. TEKNIKER will also perform Life cycle analysis and at the end of the project would like to contribute to the creation of an Ecolabel for antifouling paints.