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Instituto Superior Técnico

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Fundación Tekniker

University of Strathclyde


Carnival Corporation

Lloyd's Register

National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton

National Technical University of Athens


Lloyd's Register

  The Lloyd’s Register Group is a global independent risk management and safety assurance organisation that works to enhance safety and to approve assets and systems at sea, on land and in the air. Members of the Group provide services designed to help clients around the world to achieve their business goals, while optimising safety and quality, and protecting, even improving, the environment. We approve that assets and systems work so that people and communities around the world can get on with everyday life. To make this happen, we set, uphold and apply high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance across many transport sectors to the benefit of many businesses. Lloyd’s Register Marine Business participates in IACS technical meetings, contributes to the development of codes for bodies such as the IMO, and helps with the review of ISO standards, helps to develop legislation and rules around the world and functions as a 'notified body' for many EC directives, helping ensure essential product safety rules work properly.
    Role in project

The role of Lloyds Register is participating in the Work packages involving inspecting the performance of antifouling and its application quality in accordance with legal legislation and rules of IMO and EU. The methodologies for testing will be assessed in accordance with the applicable standards.